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Design Features

 all fiberglass seamless construction  

All Fiberglass Seamless Construction

Casing and internal components manufactured with Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), seamless construction, no risk of water leakage.

 durable, heavy duty construction  

Durable, Heavy Duty Construction

FRP construction is highly resistant to tension and compression stresses, UV inhibitor integrated for equipment protection.

 corrosion resistant materials  

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Tolerates much harsher water and environments conditions.

 PVC Fill Media  

PVC Fill

Provides the highest surface area for heat transfer, with UV protection, fire resistant, non-combustible and self extinguishing.

 Non-clogging spray nozzles  

Non-Clogging Spray Nozzles

Water is efficiently and uniformly distributed across entire fill media surface.

 PVC air inlet louvers  

PVC Air Inlet Louvers

Minimize direct sunlight, reduce splash-out, noise and algae grow.

 wide access door  

Wide Access Doors

For easy inspection and maintenance.

 low environmental impact  

Low environmental impact

Our equipment and motors are designed to conserve water and save energy.


Motors Designed For The Challenge

Exceeding cooling tower rated motor standards, marine duty, severe duty, premium efficiency, inverter rated and cast iron construction.

 low sound fan  

Low sound level

High efficiency fans directly driven by low speed motors.

Incorporates sickle blades

Fiberglass reinforced polyamide adjustable sickle blades.


Lower RPM motors

Specially designed for sound sensitive applications.