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Design Features

 fro constructed  
All fiberglass and seamless construction

Offers long service life, minimum to zero maintenance and no water leaking problems.

 corrosion resistant  
Longer life span

REYMSA´s all high-grade fiberglasss construction will deliver a tower with 2 times the life span of galvanized steel tower.

 mechanical resistance  
Extended list of models

All RT Cooling Tower models are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), including Standard, Low Sound, Super Low Sound, and Modular models.

 modular configuration  
Modular configuration

For increase capacities and accommodate any heat load.

 easy fiel assembly  
Easy field assembly

REYMSA ships their towers in a modular section design for fast assembly. Assembly is reduced to placing and bolting the fan duct and the body section. Easy assembly of all our towers results in lower installed cost.

easy maintenance access door  
Easy maintenace

Every REYMSA cooling tower includes a bolted access door for complete access to both the spray water system and fill. Removing the air inlet louvers gives the service people complete access to the cold water basin for inspection & cleaning.

low environmental impact  
Low environmental impact

Our equipment and motors are designed to conserve water and save energy.