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Optional Equipment

 ladder osha cage  

Access Ladders with OSHA Safety Cage

Access Ladders to ensure all maintenance and servicing requirements can be carried out safely.

 perimeter handrail  

Perimeter Handrail

Handrails in order to prevent injuries such as accidental fall or tumbling down from the stairs.

 flame retardant resin  

Flame retardant Resin

Non-toxic water based emulsion which in a fire softens and insulates the structure from intense heat, controlling the spread of flame meeting the ASTM-E84 standard.

 non skid catwalk  

Non-skid catwalk

Access corridor for maintenance and servicing, designed to prevent skidding (stainless or galvanized steel)

 basin heater  

Basin Heater

A basin heater system is designed to provide freeze protection during shutdown or standby conditions.

 electric water level control  

Electric water level control

Electric water level control system includes water level controller, stilling chamber, and solenoid valve for water make up.


 centrifugal separator  

Centrifugal Separator / Sweeper Piping

Mechanical device that uses the principle of centrifugal force and friction to cause the separation of suspended solids from liquids, effectively removing suspended particles larger than 40 microns form a variety of fluids.


vibration switch


Vibration cut off switches

Vibration switch interrupts the power to the fan motor and provide alarm to excessive vibration or shock.

 sound deflector


Sound Deflectors

A sound deflector is made of a curved deflecting surface that redirects the sound emitted from the cooling tower fan motor.