RT Series Cooling Tower

The MRT Series Mobile Rental Tower is the perfect choice for companies offering ready-to-use temporary cooling solutions to their customers.


  • The MRT unit is a mobile cooling tower with a capacity of 3,000 gpm (1,000 TON) of cooling water at nominal conditions.
  • Multiple MRT units can be combined for requirements beyond 1,000 Tons.
  • Seamless body and basin: no water leaks.
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use.
  • The forward basin is custom made to straddle the lower and upper decks.
  • MRT units are suitable for both HVAC and industrial applications.
  • Step Deck trailer (supplied by others) for transportation.


Temporary Cooling Solutions for

  • Emergency tower replacement
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Unexpected Stoppages


Tower description:

  • Factory assembled Mobile Cooling Tower, open circuit, induced draft, counter flow.
  • Highly durable construction materials:
    • Corrosion resistant FRP casing and structure.
    • The most reliable non-corroding PVC water distribution system with non-clogging spray nozzles.
    • Fill Media, Drift Eliminators & Louvers manufactured in corrosion resistant self-extinguishing PVC.
    • Seamless basin - no water leaks.
  • 16 EC-driven fan motors per unit:
    • Direct-drive system with non-adjustable-pitch aluminum fan blades.


Our Cooling Towers are designed to be sustainable and have a low environmental impact.