HFC Series Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler

The Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler is manufactured to provide the highest performance and long service life, for those demanding the best:

  • Self contained heat transfer equipment.
  • All construction materials are corrosion resistant.
  • Over 100 different models.
  • From 80 to 1,902 GPM @ Standard conditions: 95 ºF / 85 ºF / 78 ºF.
  • CTI certified in accordance with Standard 201.
  • Type L Copper Coil with stainless steel casing.
  • High Performance Recirculating Pump.
  • One, Two or four fan models with Direct Drive System.
  • Low Sound fan option.
  • Models available with Gear Drive System and Low sound by design.
  • Our units exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 90.1 to reduce operating cost.

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Our Cooling Towers are designed to be sustainable and have a low environmental impact.