EH Price Open House


The first open house was held on Vancouver Island and historic Victoria B.C., which is the Capital of British Columbia. There was a good turnout of local contractors and engineering firms that we were able to introduce and educate them regarding Reymsa’s high quality and long-lasting towers.

We next traveled to the wine country and interior of BC for the second open house, which was held in Kelowna, British Columbia. Once again EH Price attracted many area contractors and engineering firms, and we had a well-attended event.  This was a strategic location because Kelowna and the surrounding area is the fastest growing metropolitan area in Canada according to Statistics Canada.

Our final stop on the the EH Price open house tour landed us in the provincial capital city of Edmonton, Alberta. Historically, Edmonton has been the industrial capital of Alberta and Western Canada with oil refining, petrochemical processing, and other heavy industries. However, Edmonton has been attracting new businesses and workers to the area, which has resulted in Edmonton becoming one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in North America. This growth will lead to the construction of more schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings. The future looks bright for both EH Price and Edmonton.