Look at this great installation at the North Carolina A&T University!

Look at this great installation! This RTU model was recently installed at the North Carolina A&T University. Thanks to everyone who supported this project!


REYMSA Cooling Tower Installs – Diamond Hill & Arena Towers

1.- Arena Tower/Theatre
2.- Diamond Hill Apartments

A nice replacements of two metal cooling towers with brand new All-Fiberglass REYMSA cooling towers!!



Seismic Certification

Great News! We recently obtained the Seismic Certification in accordance with the International Building Code 2015. This certification has been conducted in compliance with ICC Evaluation Service Document AC156 “Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Certification by Shake-Table Testing of Nonstructural Components” via tri-axial shake table testing under the witness of the seismic qualification engineer, SEEStudio, Inc.


REYMSA Installation in a 12 story building in Indiana.

A 500 TON RTU Cooling Tower (unitized construction), has replaced a galvanized tower that was leaking and had many issues, in a 12 story building in Indy. The owner is excited that they have the best low maintenance tower that will last for several decades to come!!


Channel 13, Reymsa Cooling Tower Installation

One of the nicest cooling tower installs you’ll ever see! Channel 13 now has the reliability of direct-drive motors and non-corrosive materials of construction! All with a 15-year warranty and 30+ year life expectancy. REYMSA COOLING TOWERS… What a deal!!