During the month of January, REYMSA’s West Coast Sales Manager and Las Vegas Sales Team Engineers took to the streets of Vegas showing off our demo unit to local end-users, contractors and engineers. Everyone we spoke with had positive things to say about our towers and were very surprised to know how well the unit looked when we told them our demo tower is 10 years old this year.



During a visit in San Diego, CA. we took this extraordinary picture of these two Cooling Towers at the USS Midway Museum.



We want welcome our new Sales Representative:
HVAC Market for Southwest Maine, East Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. CRITICAL SYSTEMS NEW ENGLAND LLC
Great to have you on board! You can count on our daily support!



REYMSA Cooling Towers is your best solution when you want a product that will outlast other towers on the market. No more having to deal with towers that will rust over time and eventually leak. Here we have our Closed Circuit System Cooling Towers with Heat Plate Exchangers. These units were just recently installed at the Wyndham Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Owners are very pleased with the aesthetics of the towers and have a great deal of comfort knowing they will not have to worry about these towers rusting overtime or worry about them ever leaking, due to our seamless FRP construction design.


 Using color options available from REYMSA, this gray-colored tower blends nicely into the concrete of the parking lot where the Tower is installed at a bank facility in Oklahoma City.
 Did they forget to install the Fan Duct assembly on this Hybrid Fluid Cooler at an Elementary School in Oklahoma City? No, they used a black "color option" to blend it into the color scheme of the school. With REYMSA, the possibilities are endless!