Tool Manufacturing Company

REYMSA's cooling towers are used in many industrial processes because of their corrosion resistance, energy efficiency and long service life. The new REYMSA RTG-1214140-D tower joins a list of towers installed in different plants of a tool manufacturing company. The towers work in multiple industrial processes, such as the extrusion process of multi-layer hose and CPVC. The FRP cooling tower will provide a long service life of 30+ years to this plant located in Mexico. 



Great installation in Tucson, AZ

Here we have an RTU-404103-A Cooling Tower built to last 30+ years and will save the owners money over the course of it's life. How?


  1.     The tower will last the life of 2 metal towers at the cost of only 1 REYMSA Cooling Tower.
  2.     Will save water usage on the tower by half the cost or more by handling more cycles of concentration.
  3.     Will save the owner passivation costs which are not required on fiberglass towers.
  4.     The additional savings due to money spent replacing metal panels over time to keep the tower running. Fiberglass towers will never rust or corrode.
  5.     No belt drive motors equals no parts and maintenance cost on replacing motor belts.


Why would you choose anything else?


Special Thanks to Sun Mechanical Contracting, Inc. and Mark Balboni of ThermAir Systems for this project. 



Drive System Retrofits

 Optional Permanent Magnet Motor for RTG, RTGM & HFC-F models

We now offer an alternative to Gear Drives on our RTG, RTGM and HFC-F Models, which previously were only available with Gear Drives.

The optional Permanent Magnet Motors are directly coupled to the fan assembly, once again offering the inherent advantages of direct-drive and eliminating the additional mechanical components, such as belts or Gear-reducers.

The optional permanent magnet motor is not just for new installations, you can upgrade your existing cooling towers with a standard gear drive system to a direct drive system.



Minimum Maintenance Cost

The fan couples directly to the motor and eliminates the cost and maintenance required for traditional gearbox or belted solutions.

Improved Reliability

Eliminates misalignment issues reducing unplanned downtime.

Low Sound by design

RTG, RTGM and HFC-F models offer low sound by design.


Cooling Towers with this optional motor are also CTI certified.

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Washington Demo Tower


ACI Mechanical Services has been making engineering and contractor visits this month. Through snow, sleet, rain or shine. The REYMSA demo tower fights through all types of weathers and still impresses customers with it's shiny white gel coat surface. These customers will be happy to see how strong the tower has held up after being on the road and in the elements for the past 11 years. With a 30+ year life expectancy and a 15 Year Warranty why would you choose anything else?


Marcos de Niza HS

Thanks to ThermAir Systems for this great job in supplying REYMSA cooling towers for Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, Arizona. A special thanks to Uni-Tech for their amazing work on the installation. The Tempe Unified School District likes the fact the towers will last 30+ years and the 15 year warranty is a huge plus for them.