Shopping center

These two model RTG-1214120-A cooling towers have been installed at a shopping center in Mexico City to replace their previous cross-flow towers.

REYMSA's RTG model offers low energy consumption per ton, as our towers exceed the minimum energy requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1.



New Rep Boone and Boone

We want to welcome our new HVAC Sales Representative in all of Arkansas, less 15 Counties in the Northeast part of the State 

Boone and Boone Sales  



WSU Herb

Two HFC-714275-SL Fluid Coolers were successfully installed at  WSU HERB (Health Education and Research Building) in Spokane, WA.

These Low Sound towers offer reduced noise operation, which is a great option for the University.


The customer will enjoy the many benefits of REYMSA towers for the next 30+ years.



Claremore Indian Hospital


The tower model RTU-1622410-A-SLS is finally installed at Claremore Indian Hospital, OK.

The Super Low Sound option on this model will offer reduced noise operation, which is a great option for this hospital in Oklahoma.

Great work, Bronze Oak LLC, and Airetech Corp, Special thanks to Mark Robins, Site Superintendent, and to Chad Smith from Airetech. 



The tower installed at Mersen during April is up and running!

Contractor and owner are both happy with their decision to go with REYMSA.

The FRP cooling tower and all PVC/polymer pipe were selected based on their projected lifespan in a mildly acidic environment, compared with same expectations for galvanized towers and steel pipe.

Custom features:

  • Internal divider wall.
  • Each cell is sized for 75% of current load for redundancy rather than 2 single cell towers.
  • Bottom gravity drain.
  • Bypass inlets for emergency repairs.