Allen ISD

This Middle School from the Allen ISD is ready to start the 2022-2023 school year with a brand new RTUP cooling tower. This new model features permanent magnet motors which provide multiple benefits like higher efficiency and low sound operation. Congrats to Ashcraft Company and Four Star Fab for this great project.

Integrated Mechanical Solutions

Welcome to our new HVAC Rep Integrated Mechanical Solutions, LLC.

In North Dakota, South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. 

Huntsville installation

Teaming up with the Huntsville, AL Daikin-Applied Office, JAMCO provided these three RTU-810110-A, gray-colored Cooling Towers for an Industrial project in Alabama. The color lets the Tower blend in nicely in an industrial setting. Many thanks to Michael Myrick with JAMCO.

Brazosport HS


Maryland Brooke MS

This tower is installed at Maryland Brooke Middle School, MD. The RT-822205-A model will provide excellent performance for decades.