Tower replacement in NC

Raleigh Gallo Mechanical Services, LLC continued on with our cooling tower replacement with a new long lasting FRP unit.

This RTG model features a direct drive permanent magnet motor, which provides reliability and low sound operation.



The Osawatomie, KS School District chose this REYMSA Model RTU-816210-A-SLS along with an indoor sump tank and P&F Heat Exchanger to provide cooling for their Heat Pump loop.

This system was designed to replace the metal Fluid Cooler inside the Boiler Room which was too deteriorated to further repair. The Cooling Tower adds nicely to the aesthetics of the School.

Many thanks to Kruse Corp., installing Contractor, and Jeff Wixson at Associated Air Products, our local Rep.


Bldg Manchester

RTU models are very easy to assemble, just place the unitized body-basin on the base support, install the fan duct, and that's it!

Here is the sequence of this install at a building in Manchester, NH. Great job of M2 Mechanical contractor and our rep Critical Systems.


Office Blg Plano, TX

This REYMSA tower was installed at an office building in Plano, TX. The owner had a metal tower that had been repaired many times due to leaks in the basin which could no longer be patched.

That’s when Facility Response Group, the installing contractor, teamed up with Ashcraft to provide a Model RTGM-812120-B-2T1-L cooling tower. FRG used the existing steel substructure in combination with new Steel Base provided by REYMSA.

The structural FRP casing offers total corrosion resistance and long service life. The standard 15 year warranty was a major factor in the owner's decision-making process.

Thanks to Gordon and Taylor Sears, all Ashcraft team, and Facility Response Group for this great job.


DMG Product Showcase

DMG North Scores Big at Levi’s Stadium in Product Showcase!

DMG North hosted a Product Showcase at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA on Thursday, August 17th. The showcase featured REYMSA Cooling Towers as DMG North’s principal supplier of Wet Evaporative Cooling Towers, Hybrid Fluid Coolers and Closed-Circuit Systems.

REYMSA displayed a demo tower that was a big hit and impressed many of the engineers, contractors, and DMG staff who stopped by the booth to learn more about REYMSA’s products and services. REYMSA also gave a technical presentation on the features and benefits of the best cooling tower in the market. The event was well attended with about 400 participants who were able to get an up-close view and in-depth education on the products and topics that interested them the most.

Congratulations to DMG North for hosting an outstanding event that will be difficult to top next year!