Innovation Roadshow by Daikin Applied

Thanks to Daikin Applied Americas for letting us be a part of your Innovation Roadshow, a powerful education, training, and relationship-building tool showcasing industry-leading solutions. Our Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Mike Mulligan did a great job showing the benefits of the REYMSA cooling tower.

Al Ain Mall

Two REYMSA Cooling Towers were installed at AL AIN MALL in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, replacing two metal towers that deteriorated by corrosion.

REYMSA Cooling Towers offer maximum resistance to corrosion and UV protection for long service life.

REYMSA is the best option!

Hilton installations

The Hilton 1-2 punch! REYMSA was the preferred choice by the Hilton Brand Group on two separate hotels in the Houston area! Why? REYMSA offers a standard warranty of 15 years on casing and structure, but the tower is spected to last more than 30 years. Thanks to Roessler for this great job!


Clark County SD

Another fantastic installation at a Clark County School District project. This is an RTU-714205-A-SLS open cooling tower. Corrosion resistant, 2-piece seamless construction guaranteed not to leak.


New Rep JM O'Connor

We are pleased to introduce our new HVAC representative in the central and western Kansas area,

JM O'Connor.

Welcome aboard!