La Perla

REYMSA's modular models are units intended to be mounted adjacent to each other, allowing the tower to grow to any size, capable of handling any heat load.

Here is a great example of a 3-module RTGM modular tower installed in a shopping mall in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Once again the All Fiberglass REYMSA Cooling Towers replaces a metal tower right on the coast, in Galveston, TX. The owners of Ambassadors Prep Academy were looking for a tower that would handle the coastal conditions and provide a long life, so our HFC-810110-SL Closed Circuit model meets exactly those requirements. Thanks to Roessler Equipment for all your hard work.


Memorial condominiums

This REYMSA HFC Series tower was successfully installed at Memorial Condominums in Houston, Tx. The Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler replaced an old steel tower whose coil froze up during a freeze in February. The customer wanted a Fiberglass constructed tower that would be more corrosion resistant and have a longer life cycle than their old towers that only lasted about 15 years. REYMSA’s all high-grade fiberglass construction will deliver a tower with 2 times the life span of galvanized steel tower.


Soap manufacture plant

The FRP construction of REYMSA towers allows them to operate in industrial environments with high contamination.

Three towers model RTG-1020130-D were installed in a soap manufacturing plant near Guadalajara, Mexico. These towers have a special fill to work with a high solids content in the process water.

It also has other modifications in the water distribution system according to the client's requirements. The ability to adapt to the needs of a project has distinguished us in the HVAC and Industrial market for more than 50 years.

Timber Top

A great installation of an RTG-1012120-A model cooling tower at Timber Top Condominiums. They lost their old metal tower during the big Texas Freeze in February 2021.

The customer wanted an option that was easier to access the heat exchanger for maintenance or repairs. The Closed Circuit System from REYMSA was the perfect choice due to the corrosion resistant materials of construction.

Thanks to Roessler Equipment Company for this great job!