Attending J.M. O’Connor’s Annual Open House was RSM, Mike Poland. It was highly successful with over 150 Owners, Contractors & Engineers in attendance. Pictured below, from left-to-right are Warren Jurgens, General Manager, Jeremy Hobbs, Wichita Branch Manager, & Brice Walsten, Sales Engineer. Many thanks to them for another great Open House, promoting REYMSA to their customers.


The School District in Wichita, KS made a lifelong decision to purchase this Model RTUP-82427.5-A, Beige-colored Cooling Tower as a replacement at Coleman Middle School. This selection will, more than likely, provide them cooling until after the “decision-makers” are no longer working... a very good decision!

It will be a nice showcase for our Rep, JM O’Connor. Many thanks to Kruse Corp. for another attractive installation.


Cook County DOC

This project is going from strength to strength, with 6 modules installed so far. Cook County was in need of replacing their 12 corroded metal towers at the Department of Corrections, for which our representative in Chicago, TRANE, presented them with the best option on the market, the REYMSA cooling towers, built in corrosion resistant FRP and less maintenance than metal towers.


The RTGM model tower has 12 modules that are assembled side by side to optimize space. Everything is looking great as the project nears completion, soon we will be able to see the image of the 12 modules assembled and working


Tulsa Church

Excellent installation of a Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler. Thanks to Northwest Controls Systems, our local Rep, and KMS for posting this great photo.

South Shore Harbor

Newly installed REYMSA fiberglass cooling towers peeking over the top at South Shore Harbor.


Congrat to Roessler for this great project.