Demo Tower

Great job Jeremy Hobbs from JM O’Connor showcasing our Demo Tower. There is a big difference talking about our competitive advantages vs showing them in person. The customers can see first hand our durable structural FRP construction and our seamless basin. Keep up the hard work!


Minnesota State University

We were happy to have these students from Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN, stop by our Booth at the ASHRAE/AHR Expo to learn about the Features and Quality of REYMSA. Thanks to Travis DeWeese, TMS Johnson, for bringing them by..


New Rep US Air Conditioning


We are pleased to introduce our new HVAC representative in San Diego, CA, US Air Conditioning Distributors.

Welcome aboard

Color Opportunities

Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville Alabama, chose to dress up their Model HFC—1622415-SL-Y, using Colonial Revival Stone in the Gel-coat of this Hybrid Fluid Cooler to give it this permant color.  As an integral part of the structural FRP, this color will last the life of the Hybrid Fluid Cooler ….it is not an external coating that is subject to peeling.

This adjacent building chose the old, standard galvanized Cooling Tower that they tried to hide with a short fence…..still an eyesore

Consider these opportunities a REYMSA Tower could have provided to make a more aesthetically-pleasing installation.  There are no limits to the colors REYMSA can provide so take advantage of this feature.

DMG North demo tower

Out with the DMG North, Inc. Crew and REYMSA Cooling Towers, Inc. Demo Trailer having fun and spreading the word about the benefits of Unibody Fiberglass Cooling Towers today!