Diamondback Equipmenet Sales

With great pleasure we welcome our new HVAC Representative in South Nevada: Diamondback Equipment Sales. It's great to have you on board! 




Congrats to Roessler for hosting an amazing event. The open house was attended by more than 300 people. Thanks to Mike Poland, who did an excellent job showcasing the benefits of our product. 


Thanks for visiting us - Las Vegas 2022

Chemical manufacturing

United iniciators
 A specialty chemical manufacturing facility in Arkansas chose this Model RTG-812120-B in lieu of a galvanized tower with a welded stainles steel basin, citing the longer life expectancy along with a 15 year warranty on the structural FRP construction. The standard Biege color creates a pleasing presentation in their plant. Thanks to Mark Eley, Boone & Boone Sales, for a good introduction into the Arkansas market.

Northeast US project

West haven
 An excellent adaptation capability is shown on this Northeast US project, replacing a deteriorated cooling tower with a REYMSA RTU cooling tower.

 The customer initially wanted to refurbish an old cross flow tower that was well past it's useful life. It was originally installed in Florida and was designed for conditions that did not meet the customer's requirements.

At that point, Richard Francis from CM Towers obtained selections from several manufacturers, but none could meet the specific requirements until he contacted Arben Hodzic from SRS Enterprises, (our Rep in the lower New York).

Specific requirements included:

- Meet the design conditions.

- Reutilize the existing support base.

- Match existing Footprint width.

SRS ENTERPRISES found an excellent solution; an RTU-709115-A-SLS cooling tower model that met the requirements, with less weight, and with very low sound. Once the Tower was delivered, the full installation was executed in one week, which was the requested time frame, and they had the new tower ready for commissioning the next day.