Ricardo Cavazos, Vice President of REYMSA, and his wife Lucía Trevino had a wonderful time at the 2023 Spring Chapters Regional Conferences - REGION VIII MONTERREY CHAPTER, of which REYMSA was a sponsor. Each year, a different chapter hosts the CRC and opens its doors to the Region. This was the first time CRCs have been held at the MONTERREY CHAPTER and it was a great opportunity for members to meet, interact and socialize at the regional level. 

It was great to see Chad Smith, Joe Sanders, Sara Fazel and so many other friends and colleagues. 

The congress was comprised of eight lectures including a keynote speech by Victor Goldschmidt, Ph.D., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, on the advancements in the art of HVAC&R. Goldschmidt urged the attendees to adopt new trends such as sustainability and efficiency to advance the arts and science of HVAC&R to serve humanity and to promote a sustainable world.





Daikin Roadshow at Grand Rapids Grand Prix in Byron Center Michigan. Thanks to Mike Mulligan for this great turnout.


ASHRAE Houston

An excellent event organized by Roessler Equipment Company ASHRAE Houston Tacos, trucks and tents! 


They exhibited a REYMSA FRP Cooling Tower. Thanks to Heather O’Kane and Roessler Equipment Company.


Office Building in California

This installation is coming along nicely for these two REYMSA Cooling Towers. The Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers were installed in Sherman Oaks, CA. They will reject heat from a condenser water loop serving water-cooled VRV for a class A commercial office building. Sound and footprint were particularly important on this project as there are residences nearby.

Thanks to Alex Doyle from N.S. Wright in California.


Recycling Plant

Scrap-metal recycling plants recognize the value provided by REYMSA’s structural FRP construction. This Model HFC-810115 will provide many years of service in spite of the harsh environment it is placed in plus, look how it adds to the aesthetics of the Plant