Replacement at Jacksonville FL

Nice installation of this tower model REYMSA RTU-505105-A. This tower replaced a metal tower badly damaged by the coastal environment, in Jacksonville, Florida. STRUCTURAL FRP construction of REYMSA towers allows them to operate in the most severe climate conditions around the world, such as desert, coastal and sub-freezing temperatures John Frietze, Steven Beyel Beyel Brothers Inc, great job!

Hospital PR



A clean view of an installation of our new RTP models with permanent magnet motors. These RTP-812115-B model towers were installed as replacements for two metal towers in Puerto Rico. The FRP construction of REYMSA Cooling Towers can withstand the harsh environment of the Caribbean islands.

Kansas College


Excellent shot of an in-progress installation of a RTM-819205-B-3T2-L Modular tower at a school in Kansas City. Modular configuration saves space, It requires less plan area because the towers are joined together.

RTG Towers

These RTGM towers are installed at a company that extrudes aluminum profiles for the automotive, electrical, architectural and renewable energy industries in Mexico. The modular towers cool water for the aluminum smelting furnaces and feature a special fill for this application. 

Office of Veteran Affairs

The Office of Veteran Affairs wanted a tower that was direct-drive and non-corrosive. The existing metal tower only lasted 15 years. The best solution was a REYMSA Tower with Permanent Magnet Motors.